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Customer Service Charter

“We are committed to providing a timely, professional and quality service to you”

Over 20 Years Of Service

Lasta Mara Teo was established in 1999. Our Company provides shipment of all types of goods to the Aran Islands and all the Islands off the Westcoast of Ireland.

Our Customer Service Charter

We aim to provide high quality services for all of our customers. The customer service charter sets out the standards of customers service you can expect from us. Whenever you contact us we want to make sure you receive the highest level of service.

Our Customers

We are committed to providing a timely, professional and quality service to you. Our customers are anyone who requires goods to be transported by boat. We deal mainly with three Aran Islands but also ship to other Islands of the West Coast of Ireland.


We will:

  • Treat you with courtesy and consideration
  • Provide accurate information to the best of our knowledge at all times.
  • Deal quickly and competently with your enquiries.
  • Answer your telephone calls quickly and return calls within 24 hours where possible.
  • Answer letters within 20 working days.

Customer Feedback:

  • Our company welcomes feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • We recognise that things can go wrong and that we can only put them right if brought to our attention. So we treat every complaint as an opportunity to improve our service.
  • We will try and deal with any complaints about our service informally, quickly and through the most suitable person.
  • You have the right to complain formally if you are not satisfied with the service you have received.
  • We will investigate your complaint fully, and you will receive a full reply or a progress update in writing within 20 working days of us receiving your complaint.
  • You can get copies of our complaints procedure and forms from our office.

Mechanism for the receipt and assessment of claims in respect of cargo damage.

  • Lasta Mara Teo has a good tracking system in place for all consignments of cargo.
  • Every consignment of cargo that is received is recorded in the delivery book.
  • Lasta Mara Teo operates three delivery books, one for each Island. It is noted who is delivering, what the consignment is and who it is for.
  • Every consignment is then labelled with a colour coded label corresponding with each Island and the name of the person the consignment is going to is put on the label and this is attached to the consignment of cargo.
  • If damage is noted on arrival at the warehouse it is brought to the attention of the delivery person.
  • The delivery person would have to sign an acknowledgement confirming this.
  • If Lasta Mara Teo is responsible for loss or damage to customer goods Lasta Mara Teo will replace or provide compensation for this.
  • Claims in respect of cargo damage should be made directly to the office.
  • Our office manager will investigate the claim and replace or compensate as is necessary.
“Commitment to providing a quality services”